Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Design Files....gah!

Last week was pretty epic. On Wednesday The Design Files ran a feature on my good friend and owner of Signed and Numbered, Jacqui Vidal and her beautiful art deco apartment in Albert Park, Melbourne. It was the first house I've styled and shot with my other partner in crime, the photographer Annette O'Brien - and yes, I'm still pinching myself. So what do you think?!

Thank you to Lucy and Lisa_Marie at TDF - and for Jacqui for allowing us to completely mess up her home and move her dog Dexter around way too many times to get the 'perfect' shot. 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Interview 'day job' to 'dream job' - Elise Pioch, founder of Maison Balzac

I first came across Elise Pioch about a year ago when I discovered Maison Balzac candles, a beautiful range of scents inspired by Elise's childhood in France. It was the killer design that caught my eye first; simple and chic with a pop of colour...and I hadn't even smelt them yet. Needless to say, turns out they smell as good as they look so I decided to stock them in the H&B shop and have since dealt with Elise on numerous occasions. Not not only is Elise super lovely but she has a very inspiring story which saw her leave her job as buyer for fashion boutiques Belinda and The Corner Shop to pursue her dream to start her own brand. Thanks for taking part Elise, hope you all enjoy! Ax

What's your dream job? 
I have always wanted to be a shepherdess in the south of France. A bit like Emmanuelle Beart in Manon des Sources (French movie).
Tell us a little about your background and the 'day job' you gave up?   
I studied Fashion Management in Paris and worked in the industry for the last 10 years. Last year I gave up my role as buyer for the Belinda & The Corner Shop boutiques in Sydney/Melbourne to launch Maison Balzac and focus on my strengths. To run my own business is my best professional achievement so far. 
What inspired you to make the change and how did you make it happen?   
I usually run away from routines: I love learning, pushing boundaries, taking risks and make my dreams a reality so it was natural for me to look for the next step after 5 years with the Belinda business. One morning I felt it was time to move on so I wrote a resignation letter and handed it over. I loved my job but needed fresh air!
What's the best lesson you've learnt so far? 
I've learnt to be patient and to trust myself.
Any practical tips you can share on running your own business?  
I don't think there is a winning formula to run a business. The only requirement is to give it your very best, and beyond!
Who or what inspires you?  
Very small things inspire me all the time, I guess I wide open my eyes and ears and soak in what surrounds me. I draw energy from the nature, my husband and daughter.
What does a typical day for you involve? 
Every day is different! I can focus on product development or pack and send 10 orders, I can meet up with my graphic designer or Skype my candle maker. And sometimes I even take 5 minutes to go for a walk and enjoy the day light! That is a true luxury.
                              Photo: Chris Morris / Ilona Hamer

Saturday, 28 September 2013

My week... pots, acapulco chairs, books and work!

So things over here at Hunt & Bow HQ have been pretty busy lately; in an officially awesome way though. I've had some really lovely feedback since launching the website and it makes me so happy to hear people are liking it. Launching Hunt & Bow was definitely the hardest (and scariest!) thing I've done in a long time but it has all been worth it...ten times over.

These pots from local Melbourne team Pop & Scott have been so popular in the Hunt & Bow shop, every time I get more in they sell out immediately! This little collection went to new homes today...I was a little bit sad to see them go (but my fiance was quite happy to have his man cave back)!

The styling side of things has ramped up for me too which I am so unbelievably happy about. This week I had a shoot for a great kids' clothing and bedding brand, Goo Collection. We had loads of props (including the pair of stunners above!) and shot four room set-ups at a local studio here in Melbourne. It was a massive day, but the results were amazing... I'm dying to share the pics!!!

More of said 'props'...I was in prop heaven. Seriously.

I've also been working on a shop update too...lots of gorgeous new treasures are on the way including work from our very first local artist. So much happening around here...hope you stay tuned...!
Have a brilliant weekend peeps. Ax

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Selby meets Rita Konig

This room looks oddly familiar.... (cue thinking music)... Got it. As well as belonging to the interior designer Rita Konig, it's the cover image for one of my favourite decor books; Holly Becker's (the blogger behind the ever-popular Decor8blog) 'Decorate'. I think it has to be one of my all time top 10 homes.  Seems The Selby visited Rita recently... here's a taster and you can see the full story here!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Working on the cover story for Inside Out Mag

Have you checked out this month's Inside Out? Another cracker issue. I was lucky enough to assist the fab stylist Julia Green on a feature for it...which turned out to be the cover!! Pretty exciting. The premise was a room that could be used two ways; as a spare bedroom but also an office.

The shoot took two days, one for each room and it was massive; lots of furniture moving went on I tried my hand at product sourcing for the product pages too (above), which was pretty much shopping without spending = fun.

It's really crazy to know what went on behind the scenes to make this feature. So many hours of propping, prepping, tweaking, ironing, plumping and finessing...! To see it in print and how it's all come together so beautifully is just so satisfying.

Do you have a favourite? The pastel bedroom or the masculine office? I think I am leaning towards the bedroom... those linen sheets from Bedouin Societe are officially amazing - and you should feel them...literally HEAVEN.

All photography by Armelle Habib

Friday, 9 August 2013

Hunt & Bow online store launches with a bang!

Hi friends, hope you're having a good weekend! What a day it's been...the Hunt & Bow store launched at 6am this morning... I am exhausted but so so happy.

I've had some really lovely feedback too which has made it all worthwhile. I wanted the site to tick a few boxes, but mainly, I just wanted it to be really beautiful - something fun and gorgeous to look at, and I think I got there in the end.

As well as the shop, you can also check out my styling portfolio on the site - I hope there's something on there to inspire you.

A few weeks ago I teamed up with photographer Annette O'Brien to shoot my launch photos...and here they are. I hope you like them.

Signing off for this, the first day of trade for my little dream come true...Hunt & Bow.

P.S Jen over at The Interiors Addict was lovely enough to run our very first piece of PR coverage today - check it out here.

Big love Ax

Monday, 29 July 2013

Gorgeous locally designed pots coming soon!

I'm so excited to share the first of the Aussie designed wares I've hunted down to stock in the shop. I came across these beautiful pots on a shoot a while back and couldn't stop thinking about them, they're such a perfect mix of contemporary design and prettiness.

They're made and hand-painted right here in Melbourne by a local artist (who will be revealed when the shop launches)!  They're lightweight and great for plants, flowers or even trees (I have my fiddle leaf fig in one). They come in four sizes and there's lots of colour/pattern options - I am totally in love with them and want them in all the options...I just need a bigger house first!

If you weren't excited already, guess what... the artist is doing a GOLD series! Yes, shiny, beautiful, totally-addictive GOLD. I'm going to have a few available at launch so keep an eye out.. I'll share pics soon!

Hope you like Ax

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